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Send money to Visa cards all over the world with instant payments.






We've simplified the way you make international transfers

It's simple

It's simple

To send money abroad, don’t worry about all that data, codes, bank addresses and anything else.

It's safe

It's safe

Payment is made in Open Finance’s secure environment with instant payments.

It's available 24/7

It's available 24/7

Your transfer is delivered to the receiver’s bank account in 30 minutes or less*, including weekends and public holidays, so you can send money in your own time, at any time of the day.
*The actual availability of funds depends on the receiving financial institution, the region and local legislation.

Find out how to send money internationally to cards:

1. Click on

2. Enter the 16-digit number of the card you want to send money to

3. Confirm the details

4. Your money will reach its destination within 30 minutes (*)


  • The money will be paid into the receiver’s bank account which is connected to their Visa debit card.

  • You will need the 16-digit Visa debit card number and the receiver’s name.

  • You will be redirected to your bank to authorize the sending of Pix (instant payment system), all within the Open Finance and Pix arrangements, regulated by the Central Bank of Brazil.

  • The person responsible for the CPF that sent the money is always the one who pays it.