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Muevy Enabler Visa Direct

We bring financial transaction solutions to Visa members and authorized financial institutions, meeting all their needs from concept to installation and support.

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Muevy Enabler Visa Direct Muevy Enabler Visa Direct

It's much easier and faster with Muevy

Muevy Enabler Visa Direct reduces your time to production by up to 80%, with the product already defined, and reduces your investment.

Direct Connection Solution

Direct Connection Solution

You are responsible for all aspects of planning, development, implementation and support.


Development of the platform. Connection with Visa (API or ISO).

Working without a partner can increase the level of investment needed to complete your implementation, especially delaying the time needed for its closure.”

  • Data security reviews;
  • Connectivity with VisaNet;
  • Program settings in VisaNet;
  • Tests;
  • Transaction conciliation;
  • Exception management;
  • And much more.







Necessary investments

With Muevy Enabler Visa Direct

With Muevy Enabler Visa Direct

Muevy is responsible for all aspects of your onboarding and support.

Reduced time and investment.

of production entry time is accelerated with Muevy.

Less friction, more security

Our API is purpose-built to ensure that your transactions are very fast and extremely secure.

Resilient infrastructure with high uptime and redundancy measures.

Fail-safe mechanisms in place to minimize the risk of outages.

State-of-the-art security and encryption protocols with secure communication channels.

Fill in the details and receive the Muevy Enabler Visa Direct API.

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    Integration resources and technical support Integration resources and technical support

    • 01

      We understand that integrating a new API platform can raise concerns about complexity and time investment. However, at Muevy, we strive to make the integration process as smooth and straightforward as possible.

      We provide a comprehensive and well-structured API documentation that describes the integration process step by step. Our documentation includes code examples, tutorials and FAQs to guide you through the onboarding process efficiently.

    • 02

      Our developer support team is available to assist you throughout the onboarding process. If you have technical questions or need guidance, our experts are here to provide immediate assistance.

    • 03

      We offer a sandbox environment in which you can test and familiarize yourself with the API before commissioning. This allows you to ensure that the integration runs seamlessly and meets your requirements.

    • 04

      Along with documentation, we provide onboarding guides, best practices and resources to help you optimize the onboarding process. These materials are designed to address common challenges and simplify the onboarding experience.

    • 05

      We provide detailed analysis of our pricing structure, including any rates or transaction charges that may apply. You can find this information on our website or by contacting our sales team directly. We aim to be transparent and straightforward about the costs involved in using our API platform.

    • 06

      We know that different companies have unique requirements. Our pricing model allows flexibility and we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs. This ensures that you only pay for the features and services that are relevant to your business, avoiding unnecessary costs.

    • 07

      As your business grows, we realize the importance of scalability. Our pricing structure is designed to accommodate your business growth and we offer options that allow you to scale the use of our API platform without any challenges. This ensures that costs remain in line with the value you receive.

    • 08

      We are committed to transparency and do not impose hidden rates or additional charges. The price you see is the price you pay, allowing you to accurately predict and manage costs. We provide clear documentation and communicate any potential rates upfront, so you can make informed decisions.

    • 09

      In addition to our API platform, we offer value-added services such as dedicated support, integration assistance and analysis. These services may come at an additional cost, but are optional and can offer enhanced functionality and support for your business.

    • 10

      We provide comprehensive documentation and support for our API platform, offering clear guidelines and assistance to integrate our services seamlessly into your own systems. Our efficient support team is available to promptly attend to any questions or issues.

    Security and Compliance Security and Compliance

    • 11

      We use state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure all communications and transactions, ensuring that your personal and financial data remains confidential and protected.

    • 12

      We establish a secure communication between a client and a server, where both sides authenticate each other using digital certificates.

    • 13

      We strictly comply with applicable financial regulations as well as employ anti-fraud measures to prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent activities.

    • 14

      Our API platform is built on a resilient infrastructure with high uptime and redundancy measures. We have implemented fail-safe mechanisms to minimize the risk of outages and ensure seamless processing of transactions.

    • 15

      We use real-time exchange rates from reliable sources to ensure that our customers receive the most up-to-date rates at the time of the transaction.

    • 16

      When you start a transaction, we provide a rate indexation feature that protects the exchange rate for the entire current day. This means that even if rates change during that period, your transfer will be processed at the rate initially provided.

    • 17

      We are committed to transparency regarding all rates associated with our service. We clearly display all applicable rates so that you have an accurate understanding of the costs involved before you confirm the transaction.

    • 18

      We partner with local financial institutions and payment processors in each country, ensuring that our operations are aligned with local laws and regulations. This approach helps us navigate the regulatory landscape efficiently.

    • 19

      We prioritize the security of our API platform and implement industry-standard security protocols, including encryption and secure communication channels. We employ measures to protect your data and financial transactions from unauthorized access.

    • 20

      Regulatory compliance is of extreme importance to Muevy. We operate within the legal framework of each country we serve. Before entering any new market, we conduct thorough research to understand local regulations and legal requirements. This allows us to establish compliant operations and deliver our services without facing legal obstacles.

    • 21

      We comply with relevant financial regulations and maintain the necessary certifications to ensure compliance and reliability. Our platform undergoes regular audits and security assessments to identify and address any vulnerabilities.

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